Getting Things Done Video – Our Statement


We are a nonpartisan ticket. Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz are registered Democrats. Adam Brodsky is unaffiliated.  The New Castle Republican Party is endorsing us because they believe we are the best candidates for the town regardless of party.  They are putting the interests of the residents and our community above all.  We do the same!  We are also endorsed by the Independence Party.

We got involved in Town government after witnessing years of status quo leadership, irresponsible housing developments, costly lawsuits, property tax hikes and the total lack of communication from our elected officials.

We ushered in a new era in Town government and we put the interests of our residents above the agenda of a single political party.

We promised a new approach and we delivered! For four years, we concentrated on local matters and results, not political ideology and labels. We put the interests of residents and community first.

Our Town government is more financially sound, more communicative and more responsive to our residents than ever before. We are tireless, responsive, accessible and proactive. We bring an unprecedented level of transparency, communication and community engagement.

We are laser focused on improving the quality of life for residents, and making New Castle a safer place to live and raise a family.

We are Getting Things Done!

Rob Greenstein – Town Supervisor

Rob has lived in Chappaqua with his wife, Cindy, and their three children for 14 years. His boy/girl twins will be entering Horace Greeley High School this Fall, joining his oldest son who will be a sophomore.  Rob graduated from SUNY Binghamton in 1989 and from New York Law School (full scholarship) in 1993. Rob is a trial attorney at the law firm Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP in New York City. He founded this law firm in 1995, two years out of law school. Rob also currently serves on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

Rob ran for Town Board in 2011 on his own party line, Transparency in Government. During that election, he ran on a platform of the revitalization of New Castle’s downtown business districts and the need for a Chamber of Commerce. True to his word, Rob formed the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce in 2012. Being a small business owner himself, Rob is willing to fight for small business owners. He started the Shop Local campaign. The Chamber is now a staple in the community, and it has been widely acknowledged as a great success. His work with the Chamber of Commerce demonstrates his commitment to the community, and willingness to fight for small business owners.

As Supervisor, he is getting things done. Too many things to list. But, he is making New Castle a safer place to live and raise a family. He is responsive and accessible and keeps residents informed. He started the New Castle eNewsletter and the Town’s Distracted Driving campaign. Rob is the driving force behind the Town Board’s efforts to rejuvenate the Chappaqua and Millwood business hamlets. No one works harder than Rob.

Adam Brodsky – Deputy Town Supervisor

Adam has lived in Chappaqua with his wife, Cathy and their four children for thirteen years. His youngest son attends Westorchard Elementary school, he has two sons at Seven Bridges Middle School and a daughter at Horace Greeley High School. Adam is an attorney, serving as Director of Commercial Properties and General Counsel for Buckingham Trading Partners, Inc., a family-owned real estate company with a portfolio of shopping centers, apartment buildings and office properties. Adam has also worked as a real estate attorney with the firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobsen. He currently serves as a Trustee of Northern Westchester Hospital, a Public Member of the Board of Directors of the Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corps and is a former member of the Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees. He has a vast knowledge of business negotiation and cost cutting. Adam has lived most of his life in Northern Westchester. He brings a breadth of experience in the private sector to the Town at this critical time. Adam graduated from Muhlenberg College, B.A. and from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, J.D.
Among his many other accomplishments, Adam is leading our Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project to make downtown Chappaqua a place where the community comes together and businesses thrive. This is the biggest public works projects in recent Town history. This project includes infrastructure such as sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water mains, as well as streetscape such as landscape, lighting, sidewalk, curbing and street characteristics. He has worked tirelessly on creating a sustaining, attractive, healthy and vibrant downtown that enhances the quality of life for residents. Residents can look forward to new wider sidewalks, attractive new public spaces, new crosswalks and traffic/parking improvements that will make it safer and more enjoyable to walk around our downtown. Adam is in the best position to bring this project to a successful & timely completion.

Lisa Katz – Councilwoman

Lisa has lived in Chappaqua with her husband, Steve and their two children for eleven years. Her son attends Bell Middle school and her daughter is in Horace Greeley High School. Lisa is a wills, trusts & estates, elder law and business attorney at the Law Offices of Lisa S. Katz, PLLC in Mount Kisco. Lisa founded this law firm in 2011, after having worked both in private practice at Manhattan law firms such as Mayer Brown & Platt and Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn, and as in-house counsel at various public companies. Lisa believes in forming strong relationships with her clients, and brings this belief to town government as well, where she makes the time to sit down and hear the needs and wants of our residents and merchants. She firmly believes in educating the community on important issues, and brings common sense and practicality to the Town Board. Lisa has lived most of her life in Westchester County. Lisa graduated from both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and from Fordham Law School in 1994.

Lisa led the efforts to save the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center from demolition, and New Castle acquired ownership of both the building and 1+ acre of associated land — for free. Lisa has been working tirelessly to make the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center a fabulous amenity for our community and a regional cultural destination for music and arts performances and a fabulous amenity for our community. This incredible venue has already hosted numerous community special events and performances and stimulated patronage of local businesses. Working with the Exceptional People Committee, Lisa is committed to providing employment opportunities at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center for people with disabilities. Lisa is also working with Friends of the Arts in New Castle, a new 501(c)(3) corporation that is being formed by residents of New Castle interested in supporting the arts in our Town. Lisa is also the Town Board’s liaison to the Chappaqua Farmers Market. Her work with the Chappaqua Flea Market, Chappaqua Art Market (formerly Art Under the Bridge) and events like Lawn Chair Theater have helped enhance the vibrancy of downtown Chappaqua and provide it with a sense of place. Lisa also works as the liaison with the Chappaqua Central School District Board, and she has helped to usher in an era of increased cooperation between the school district and Town.