Affordable housing – Compare & Contrast

When we ran four years ago, we stated we believe we should adhere to a policy of responsible affordable housing, with locations that are worthy of human habitation. We need to develop in a location that will not bring negative attention to our town. Let’s compare our community based affordable housing project to the irresponsible affordable housing project championed by the New Castle Democratic Committee.

First, the irresponsible affordable housing project championed by prior politically oriented Town Boards!   A prior administration, composed entirely of members of the New Castle Democratic Committee, invited Conifer to our community and encouraged them to develop on Hunts Place.  As Congresswoman Nita Lowey noted in 2011, this project had “the enthusiastic support of the New Castle Town Board”. Click here to see letter.  Another prior administration, composed entirely of members of the New Castle Democratic Committee, approved the Conifer affordable housing project: a 4-story, 28-unit apartment building that will be built from lot-line to lot-line on a 1/3-acre industrially zoned lot. The site is sandwiched between the Metro-North railroad tracks, an exit ramp from the Saw Mill River Parkway, and the Quaker Road bridge overpass. Not a blade of grass. No playground. Their common area is a patio overlooking the railroad tracks. County taxpayers are paying an absurd $545,000.00 per unit. Before we took office, a prior New Castle Democratic Committee Supervisor offering to waive the building permit fee. Apart from being unauthorized under our Town Code, that would have amounted to a $152,000 giveaway of New Castle taxpayer money.  As well, another prior New Castle Democratic Committee Supervisor defended Hunts Place project in a letter to the Westchester County Legislature. Click here for letter.   A prior New Castle Democratic Committee Town Board member even criticized Rob for incurring legal fee defending a lawsuit brought by Conifer. Click here.  This what happens when a politically connected developer and their politically connected attorney team up with the prior politically oriented Town Board! This is the New Castle Democratic Committee gift to the community.  This is their legacy!

It was projects like this that motivated us to run for Town Board. In fact, the New York Times correctly noted we were elected partly because of our opposition to this travesty. Click here. Our opponents, in an attempt to rewrite history,  unbelievably refer to Conifer as our project.  Don’t be misled.

Let’s review our actual project!  Working with Summit Greenfield, the iconic Cupola building at Chappaqua Crossing will be adaptively reused for 28 units of affordable housing. These units will exemplify how new and affordable housing options should be integrated with market rates units, and woven into the fabric of our community. When completed, the Cupola Building will offer affordable, market rate and workforce housing options in a beautiful, vibrant location. Community amenities will include a large gym and separate exercise room, club / multipurpose room with a kitchenette, community lounge, reading library, package concierge and an outdoor playground area. This is what political independence looks like!  This is our project.  This is our legacy!  Click above photo to watch a virtual tour.