Arts & Culture Committee

We are committed to bringing more Arts & Culture experiences to New Castle.  We created the New Castle Arts & Culture Committee.  Lisa Katz chairs this committee.  The mission of the New Castle Arts & Culture Committee is to develop, propose and raise awareness of events and programs on art, music, dance, theatre, film and all other cultural art forms taking place in and around the Town of New Castle. Click graphic to visit their page on the Town web site.

Lisa, and the Arts & Culture Committee, are tirelessly working to make the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center a unique and fabulous amenity for our community.

The Wallace Auditorium was slated to be demolished by our predecessors.  What a travesty!   We saved it.  It’s now known as The Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, and we own it!  Click here to check out their new web site. Click graphic to check out their exciting and incredible Fall schedule. We’re still waiting for them to say that the ChappPAC has their full support and, if elected, they will continue to support it. Their supporters have called it a “fruitless endeavor” and claim we “are throwing good money after bad”.  Read more.

But, the work of the Arts & Culture Committee is not limited to the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center.  Click graphic to read article in Inside Chappaqua & Millwood. Some of the wonderful community events they worked on include:

•       DramaBee is coming to town and bringing Broadway musicals to pre-school aged children
•       Summer camp for older kids and teens this summer.
•       Chappaqua Orchestra Story Concerts •       “SCREENAGERS: Growing Up in the Digital Age”
•       Hamilton Simulcast
•       Frank Shiner in Concert!
•       Art Exhibit entitled REVOLUTION
•       Works with Northern Westchester artists guild to bring new initiatives to New Castle including Chappaqua Art Market (formerly Art Under the Bridge), Art Around Town, Art in the Park, Annual Holiday Art Show and Chalk the Walks 

•       Brought LawnChair Theater to the town
•       Sponsored Movies in Millwood

We will continue to develop events and activities that encourage arts and culture, as well as stimulate patronage of local businesses.

We are committed to arts & culture in New Castle.  We are Getting Things Done!