Beautification & Sidewalks

Before becoming Supervisor, Rob Greenstein started the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce. He started Movies in Millwood. That was the beginning of new attention to Millwood.

After taking office four years ago, we hired a caretaker whose sole job it is to make sure our downtown business hamlets are clean & maintained. We dramatically increased our beautification budget to $25,000, from a mere $500.

• Hanging flower baskets installed in Millwood
• Snowflakes to decorate all of the poles in Millwood
• Planters/containers of variable sizes have also been spread throughout the hamlets Millwood.
• New plantings in Millwood by the community sign and in front of Millwood Park.
• Fall decorations by community sign

As many residents know, we received $500,000 grant, thanks to Senator Terrence Murphy, to install sidewalks along the intersection of Route 100 and Station Road, and along NYS Route 100 in proximity to Millwood Park. In addition, decorative lighting improvements along Station Road will also be included in the project. These new sidewalks and crosswalks will make Millwood’s business district safer enhance walkability in our downtown. We are working with owners of Millwood Plaza – not just to recruit DeCicco & Sons – but to give the Millwood Plaza a clean fresh look, blacktopping, sidewalk work and aesthetics.

We are committed to Millwood. We have the record to provide it!