Beautiful Business Districts – Not $500!

We believe in beautiful business districts. Downtown is the source of community identity, culture, history and pride. It’s where the community comes together.  We pay A LOT in taxes.  Our downtown should be a reflection of our community.  $500 is not acceptable!  Frankly, it’s an insult to our residents and merchants.

Every year since taking office, we have allocated $25,000 for downtown beautification of our hamlets. Compare that to our predecessors – a mere $500! The improvements are obvious to all:

• 100 hanging flower baskets installed in the hamlets of Chappaqua and Millwood.
• 54 planters/containers of variable sizes have also been spread throughout the hamlets of Chappaqua and Millwood.
• Beautiful tree wraps in downtown Chappaqua
• More lighted snowflakes
• Fall decorations in both Chappaqua & Millwood

In addition to dramatically increasing our beautification budget, we hired a hamlets caretaker whose sole job it is to make sure our downtown business hamlets are clean & maintained. We improved how the ARB reviews commercial projects including increasing their role in shaping future improvements within our business hamlets.

After taking office four years ago, we immediately started working on the streetscape/infrastructure improvements. Residents can look forward to seeing new, wider sidewalks, attractive new public spaces, and charming details throughout. With the infrastructure project approved, the opportunity to put back an improved streetscape gives the Town unprecedented ways to improve the aesthetic of the Chappaqua Hamlet.

We adopted the Comprehensive Plan. Although we have design standards for Millwood, they were never adopted for Chappaqua. For the first time, the Town Board will consider developing design standards for Chappaqua to promote aesthetic continuity within hamlet areas for signage, street frontage, windows, awnings, building color and materials and street architecture.

We are committed to beautiful and vibrant business districts. We are Getting it Done!