Why Change Now?

When Team New Castle ran 4 years ago, there was a significant problem: Town government was not putting New Castle residents first.

Little time or effort was put into improving services, amenities, keeping residents informed, getting residents involved and being responsive. Year after year, residents were increasingly frustrated with increasing taxes, opaque government administration, lack of vision and an unwillingness to communicate. This dysfunction ultimately led to irresponsible housing developments and costly lawsuits.

The reason for the problem was simple and had to be addressed head on. Our elected officials governed as if party affiliation would render New Castle residents incapable of recognizing the increasing failure of these officials to serve Town interests. This was simply unacceptable to many in our community, including registered Democrats like Rob and Lisa.

Recognizing that the time to change this longstanding dynamic had come, Team New Castle ran and won the Supervisor’s position and two Town Board seats promising a New Approach.  We delivered!  Our record speaks for itself.  Under the leadership of Team New Castle, the Town is now being run in a more responsive, responsible and respectful fashion.  Many residents feel that we’ve done more in 4 years than in the past 25 years.  We are Getting Things Done!

Unfortunately, to the contrary, our opponents seem incapable of articulating why change is now needed in New Castle. This inability is no accident.  They have no record.  They were never involved when our Town was facing the biggest issues in decades – Chappaqua Crossing and Hunts Place.   They didn’t participate in updating our award winning comprehensive plan, our plan for the future.  They never attended any public outreach sessions nor submitted any comments.  Yet, they are now asking voters for change.

This doesn’t sound like the change we want, nor need, in New Castle.