We Championed the Hunts Place Project, Huh?

In the League of Women Voters 2017 Voters Guide, Kristen Browde stated, “We have an affordable housing mess due to the improperly sited and dangerous Hunts Place Conifer development – a project that my opponent championed when he ran for office, but which he disclaimed after the Town Board agreed with him and put the project in it’s unsafe and inappropriate location”.

This one gets our 2nd Pinocchio Award.

Make no mistake about it, this irresponsible affordable housing project was championed – from Day 1 – by two prior administrations composed entirely of members of the New Castle Democratic Committee.

The Gerrard administration invited Conifer to our community and encouraged them to develop on Hunts Place – on a 1/3-acre industrially zoned lot. The site is sandwiched between railroad tracks, an exit ramp from the Saw Mill River Parkway, and the Quaker Road bridge overpass.

That same administration offered to waive Conifer’s building permit fee. Apart from being unauthorized under our Town Code, that would have amounted to a $152,000 giveaway of New Castle taxpayer money.   Click here for letter.

The next administration, under Susan Carpenter, approved the project.  By then, we knew exactly how bad it would be: a 4-story, 28-unit apartment building stretching from lot-line to lot-line on the  site.  Not a blade of grass. No playground. Their common area is a patio overlooking the railroad tracks. County taxpayers are paying an absurd $545,000.00 per unit.

One week before we were elected in 2013, a resident correctly summarized the history of this project.  Read more.  Soon after we took office, the New York Times reported that Supervisor Greenstein had been elected because of his vocal opposition to the project. Read more.  

In our capacity as elected officials, we continued to oppose the project over the next two years.  Conifer sued the Town, and the US Attorney’s Office and Federal Housing Monitor claimed that we were hindering the project by speaking out against it.  Click here.

Our opponents have based their entire campaign on false accusations and misinformation.  It appears they will say anything to win.