New Approach to Planning for Chappaqua Crossing – A Little Late, No? 

Our opponents are promising residents that they will bring “a new approach to planning” for Chappaqua Crossing. They claim to be concerned about things like impacts on our downtown merchants, traffic and sidewalks.

As most residents know, Chappaqua Crossing is already under construction. For nearly 10 years, the Town Board and Planning Board scrutinized all of these matters and much, much more. Our opponents are more than a little late to the issue. The time for debate is over. The planning work has been done, and Whole Foods will be opening next year. We don’t think our opponents should be telling residents (and potential commercial tenants) that they have a “new approach” for Chappaqua Crossing. That’s not just disingenuous – it’s irresponsible.

In 2014, when we were newly elected, we were very candid about how the outgoing administration had tied our hands on allowing retail zoning at Chappaqua Crossing. A prior Town Board invited the developer to pursue retail development at Chappaqua Crossing in order to extricate the Town from a costly litigation. We played the cards we were dealt and chose to make the project better, like with creating the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center. At this point, retail site plan approval has been granted, building permits have been issued, and construction is underway. Read more here.