Commercial Tax Base

Our property taxes make our community unaffordable to many young families, drive-out our seniors and empty nesters, and ultimately will drive down our property values.  We have worked tirelessly to provide the services our residents expect, restoring our infrastructure to conditions our residents deserve, all while keeping taxes essentially flat. But, a vibrant commercial tax base is absolutely essential to our community’s long term fiscal health.  We must work to increase our commercial tax base.

Since 2011 when Rob started the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce, he has been advocating on the need to revitalize Chappaqua’s downtown business districts and increase our commercial tax base.  Adam Brodsky is leading our Chappaqua Infrastructure and Streetscape Project and worked tirelessly to create a vibrant downtown will finally provide us with an infrastructure platform that will allow our downtown to grow and prosper.

We helped recruit DeCicco & Sons to Millwood. DeCicco’s has been incredible for the Millwood Plaza. That helps our commercial tax base!

We worked to ensure that Whole Foods remained committed to Chappaqua. Whole Foods, Life Time Fitness along with the new restaurants and small stores will all add to our commercial tax base. The rental units in the cupola building will add to our commercial tax base. The office space at Chappaqua Crossing has become more desirable. This will add to our commercial tax base. Chappaqua Crossing will once again become an economic engine that drives our commercial tax base.

In the adopted 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update, recognizing commercial development is only 3% of our tax base, we looked to the type of development that will not only add additional commercial development but will meet other needs of the community as well. The Comprehensive Plan includes action items to undertake an economic analysis of development and infill opportunities in the hamlets consistent with community needs, public vision, and environmental and infrastructural constraints. This analysis would consider the economic benefits of mixed use development and associated tax revenue forecasts of various land use scenarios. For the first time the Town Board will be positioning the Millwood Business District for sewers, the first step in moving development of the Millwood Hamlet forward.

We will continue to increase our commercial tax base to help reduce the unsustainable tax burden on our taxpayers.