Award Winning Comprehensive Plan – Your Voice Matters!

A Comprehensive Plan serves as a framework to guide development, preservation and growth within a community. It had been 28 years since the Town’s Comprehensive Plan was last updated.  We Got it Done!

We started with a commitment to make community participation in the foundation of the update process.
After reviewing our options, we hired Pace Land Use Center, known for fostering collaborative decision-making techniques, to facilitate public outreach. During Spring of 2014, the Town held seven community outreach sessions. That was just the beginning of a process that involved an unprecedented amount of community input.

It should be noted that our opponents did not take part in this process.  Unbelievably, they never attended any public outreach sessions, nor submitted any comments.  

For those who took part, we listened. The desires, hopes and opinions expressed by residents form the basis of the document. We can all be proud of what we accomplished. Click photo to watch video.

The Westchester County Department of Planning has commended the Town for our work in the Comp Plan. The League of Women Voters of New Castle supported our inclusive process and use of best practices to structure the Plan. Pace Land Use Law Center has already started using our Comp Plan as a model approach in all of their discussions engagements. Other communities have already reached out to us for guidance.

Now the fun part!  Click below image to view the 2017 Comprehensive Plan.

We have 48 goals in the Implementation Table, which includes actions to move forward with both the Millwood and Chappaqua revitalization strategies. Our goals include create a sustainable mix of commercial and residential uses within the hamlets, creating vibrant and walkable mixed-use areas in the hamlets. Goals to attract, retain and support diverse, local businesses and establishments and increase availability of recreational programming and facilities.

We have 184 “Action Items” in the New Castle 2017 Comprehensive Plan. For the first time, the Town Board will be addressing “economic development” within the Town’s hamlets as a result of the work we’ve been doing with the Comp Plan Update. For the first time, the Town Board will be positioning the Millwood Business District for sewers and revitalization. Other actions items include —

• Exploring opportunities to diversify retail mix in hamlets and provide a wider range of goods and services.
• Developing a sidewalk plan that includes examining the feasibility of sidewalks on all major routes, including Rt. 117, 100, 120, 133, 128.
• Establishing design guidelines for downtown Chappaqua which include standards for signage, street frontage, windows, awnings, building color and materials and street architecture.

At the same time, the Comp Plan reaffirms our commitment to preserve open space and the charm and community character of our residential neighborhoods. We will focus our revitalization efforts on our existing business hamlets and surrounding areas which have the infrastructure that is needed to accommodate future growth and development.

Our 2017 Comprehensive Plan was chosen to receive the 2017  NY Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association Meritorious Service or Achievement Award. This award honors excellence in local planning endeavors.

We have more to do. But finally, we’re in the right position to implement the community’s goals. Your goals!