Work With ALL Elected Officials

We firmly believe that, above all else, public service means serving the interests of the public. We cannot put the interests of any political party ahead of the interests of our constituents. We must be apolitical when governing.

Lisa and Rob are life-long Democrats. Adam is not affiliated.  Our opponents think Democrats must always support other Democrats.  While we happen to share many of their views, as elected officials, our first responsibility must be representing the residents of our Town.  That’s what we were elected to do.  That’s our job!  Sometimes that means working with elected officials we don’t always agree with.  Working collaboratively with other elected officials to get legislation passed or help the community should be the norm, not the exception. We don’t have to agree on every issue.

For example, over the past 2 years, Senator Terrence Murphy has been incredibly responsive to the needs of our community. We have a tremendous amount of respect for his commitment to public safety. He has sponsored legislation addressing distracted driving and railroad crossing safety. He sponsored Evan’s Law, which is named after Evan Lieberman, a local resident killed in a distracted driving accident. He has helped secure grants for sidewalks in Millwood, a lighted basketball court in Chappaqua, and safety improvements at the Roaring Brook Road railroad crossing. County Executive Rob Astorino’s positions on unfunded state tax mandates and the right of municipalities to make their own zoning decisions (rather than the federal government) have likewise inured to the Town’s benefit.

We don’t agree with these officials on every issue, and we will continue to speak out where we have serious differences of opinion. We don’t agree with the County Executive’s position on gun control, and we let him know it, twice.  Click here to read New Castle Letter to County Executive Astorino dated October 19, 2015.  Click here to read New Castle Letter to County Executive Astorino dated January 13, 2017.  We also made our concerns known on Westchester Airport privatization.  Click here to read letter.

We did the same with Senator Murphy on the issue of immigration policy.  Click here to read New Castle Letter to Senator Murphy dated April 6, 2017

We will continue to maintain positive working relationships with these and other elected officials so we can be effective advocate for the residents of New Castle. When it comes to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities, we firmly believe that our residents – not national political agendas – must come first. We will not blindly support another public official or political candidate solely based on their party affiliation. In our opinion, nobody should.