DeCicco & Sons!

After 6 years of not having a supermarket in New Castle, we hit the jackpot with DeCicco & Sons!

At the end of 2015, A&P declared bankruptcy and closed their store in Millwood. Over the next six months, Adam Brodsky & Rob Greenstein not only kept residents informed of the bankruptcy proceedings but was in constant contact with the landlord, and several tenants in the center. Adam & Rob emphasized the importance of maintaining a supermarket in that shopping center. They offered to help recruit a supermarket.

Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein and Councilman Adam Brodsky along with Dodd Farber, owner of Dodd’s Liquor City, appealed to DeCicco & Sons to move into the shopping center.  “They came to us,” John DeCicco Sr. said. “The whole town, the town supervisor, they wanted us over here.”  Stated DeCicco “This is a true team effort made possible by the incredible assistance and hard work from Town of New Castle Supervisor Rob Greenstein, Deputy Supervisor Adam Brodsky, Steven Wolk of The New Castle Sustainability Advisory Board, and shopping center owner Chris Santomero.. just to name a few,” said DeCicco. They have worked with us hand and hand throughout every detail, assuring us and the community that our newest DeCicco & Sons market will become a reality in Millwood.”  Click both photos to read news coverage.

Our advocacy included detailed demographic reports prepared both by our local real estate commercial brokers and our planning department as well as face to face meetings. However, we were only one part of a larger puzzle and this was a group effort by the entire community.  When the deal was announced Rob Greenstein stated “I am thrilled to announce that the Armonk DeCicco’s has signed a lease for the A&P in Millwood. This has been a team effort for sure!  I want to thank Deputy Town Supervisor Adam Brodsky, Mike Dorio, Jim Aries, Dodd Farber from Dodd’s Wine Shop, and anyone else who helped make this happen. I would also like to thank the landlord of the Millwood Plaza for making sure we maintained a supermarket in that shopping center. DeCicco’s will be incredible for our community, incredible for Millwood and incredible for the Millwood Plaza! We welcome them with open arms!!!”

It has been incredible for our community. It has been incredible for Millwood. It has been incredible for the Millwood Plaza!