Democrats for Team New Castle

Dear Fellow Democrats:

Democracy, with a small “d”, means that every voice is heard. As Democrats, Rob Greenstein & Lisa Katz believe in that principle, and their candidacy on the Independence & Republican Party lines are reflective of those beliefs.

The New Castle Democratic Committee, the club in our Town, is supposed to offer Democratic residents the opportunity to participate in our local political process. Unfortunately, residents cannot always rely on this organization to foster new ideas and encourage newcomers to become involved to grow the political leadership necessary for our Town’s future. Rob & Lisa have experienced this short-coming first-hand. Since deciding to run for a Town leadership position, they have made several attempts to sit down with local Democratic leaders. They hoped for official Democratic Support, but instead, the door was continually shut in their faces.

Rob & Lisa don’t believe in closed doors. They believe that the priority of all political organizations should be to put our Town’s interests first, and place labels second.

It is necessary for us to look beyond the labels of those organizations that embrace exclusion, and instead, embrace Rob & Lisa for the good of the Town.

Rob & Lisa are Democrats. Adam Brodsky is not affiliated. Please support us.

We are the DEMS who Get Things Done!

Come join us!

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