Divisive Partisan Politics

For the past 25 years, the New Castle Democratic Committee held a monopoly on Town government.  For 25 years, residents voted down party lines.  For 25 years, the New Castle Democratic Club dominated local government. For 25 years, our Town Board – as well as our Town Attorney – was composed entirely of members of the New Caste Democratic Committee.  For too many years, we had poor communication and unresponsive elected officials.  Apathy is not a mandate!

Unfortunately, the New Castle Democratic Committee has failed to see the error of their ways.  Instead, they are doubling down and attempting to regain their monopoly over Town government. They are once again asking residents for blind allegiance – vote down party lines. But casting an informed vote is part of the social responsibility that comes with being a voter.  Blindly voting along party lines, rather than for the best candidate, perpetuates hyper partisan politics. Blindly voting along party lines, leads to nasty, divisiveness.  New Castle residents deserve better.

We are not politicians. If we were, then we would have found a way to join the New Castle Democratic Club and play by its rules. But we wouldn’t. We made commitments to supporters who, quite honestly, don’t care if we wear blue, red or polka-dots. They cared about New Castle.  The New Castle Democrats cared about their club.

The New Castle Democrats don’t believe that you should have a choice. We feel differently.  We believe New Castle residents should have a choice, even if it means that we two Democrats and one independent have to run on the Independent and Republican lines on the ballots.

We believe that residents deserve our undivided loyalty.  We can’t go back to “do nothing” club politics. We are Democrats with a capital D.  But, we’re New Castlers with our hearts, our minds and our energy.  We are working for the good of the Town.  That’s our only focus.  That’s our agenda!