Do you remember Sandy? Don’t Be Left in the Dark!

The response to Sandy was emblematic as to what happens when our local leaders are more concerned with National & State issues.  They fail to proactively plan for emergencies that can impact our town such as severe weather, power outages and flooding.  None of us will forget the utter lack of communication during Sandy.  Click photo to read coverage of prior town board’s handling of Sandy.

Our opponents mislead residents by alleging that our town’s emergency operations plan has not been updated since 2013.  They also state that our only designated shelter is at Seven Bridges Middle School.  Not correct on both counts.  We adopted an updated Emergency Plan on April 14 2015.  As well, Red Cross operates our shelter at Chappaqua Crossing. We operate warming centers in our Community Center and Town Hall.  They also blame us for missing CERT equipment even though CERT was disbanded in 2011.  The CERT equipment was distributed among our local Fire Departments, CVAC, NCPD and DPW in 2013.  We started out terms in 2014.  Click here to read more.

• Started eNewsletter.  Click image to stay connected!
• Doubled Nixle subscribers
• Doubled CodeRED subscribers
• Quintupled Facebook followers
• Communicate with residents on Facebook
• Established Community Preparedness Committee.  Click here to see their work
• Purchased Veoci, an emergency management Software
that enables residents to monitor emergency responses online.
• To keep residents informed and to ensure that our community is prepared during a storm, we prepared Storm Frequently Asked Questions. Click here
• To keep residents informed and to ensure that our community is prepared during a snow storm, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Click here
• Establishing New Castle Neighborhood Response Teams to assist the Town in carrying out emergency activities when called upon
• Educating residents on preparing their households for emergencies
• Creating citizen training programs for resident volunteers and Committee members, such as Citizen Response to Active Shooter
• Preparing an Animal Emergency Preparedness Plan to address the evacuation, care and shelter of our animals during an emergency situation by ensuring the effective evacuation and care of pets in the Town

We are dedicated to ensuring that a response like we saw with Sandy will never happen again.