Don’t Change a Winning Team

For years, we spun our wheels and nothing important got done in New Castle.   Huge projects were not given high priority with prior administrations.   Besides cleaning up many messes handed to us, we were still able to get many exciting things done.

We helped recruit DeCicco & Sons to Millwood!

Our massive Infrastructure & Streetscape project has started. This is the biggest public works projects in recent town history. Residents can look forward to new, wider sidewalks, attractive new public spaces, new crosswalks and traffic/parking improvements that will make downtown Chappaqua a place where the community comes together and businesses thrive. Adam Brodsky is leading this effort. Click photo to the right read about the project:

After twelve years, we resolved Chappaqua Crossing, the most controversial land use application in our town’s history. Chappaqua Crossing will be a community-oriented, walkable development that will bring Whole Foods and Lifetime Fitness to our community, all while enhancing our commercial tax base.

We saved the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center from demolition. It’s on its way to becoming a regional cultural destination, and a unique and fabulous amenity for our community. Lisa Katz is leading our efforts. Click image to watch a virtual tour.

We adopted the Comprehensive Plan. Now the fun part!  Our adopted Comprehensive Plan includes plans to move forward with both the Millwood and Chappaqua revitalization strategies.

It’s an exciting time in New Castle, for sure!

But, we have more to do!  Don’t Change a winning team.  We are in the best position to bring these projects to fruition. Continuity Matters.