No Political Agendas

Rob, Lisa and Adam are not politicians.  We never aspired to get involved in town politics.  We were motivated by a concern for our community.  We were motivated by frustration.  Frustrated by the status quo.  Frustrated by year after year we faced increasing taxes, opaque government administration, lack of vision, lack of community involvement and total lack of communication.  We were frustrated by unresponsive leadership, irresponsible housing developments and costly lawsuits.  We want to make a difference – here in New Castle!

Our opponents, on the other hand, have a political agenda. They are part of a movement that is advocating that real change starts at a local level and then spreads upward.  They believe Democrats have to win up and down the ballots, from the dog catcher all the way up?

The problem is that their political agenda is not applicable here in New Castle. You see, the last Republican to serve on the Town Board was Mark Tulis who was elected in 1987,1989 and 1991. The last Republican majority was 1982 under Lois Mitchell.  The Town Board has not had a Republican member since 1992, and still doesn’t.   Rob Greenstein is a Democrat. Lisa Katz is a Democrat. Adam Brodksy is not affiliated.  We are Democrats who are endorsed by the Independence and New Castle Republican Party.  Click here for list of prior Town Boards.

We don’t have a political agenda.  We only have a New Castle agenda.  To learn about our New Castle Agenda, just take a walk in the Hamlets. See how Millwood is now served by a brand new supermarket. Look at the Chappaqua streets and the work that is about to begin to our infrastructure. Walk in our parks. Come to our camps. Take a look at how we’ve turned the Summit-Greenfield project into a positive, moving it from the lawsuit disaster that we were handed four years ago.

We believe town government is about people, not labels.   We believe town government should focus on local matters, not advance State and National agendas.  We are focused on fixing problems, not prosecuting beliefs.   We are focused on the interests of our residents and community, not agendas.