No Egg Timers!

Do you remember when prior Town Board would use an egg timer? We do!

We promised a new approach to communication: Communication is also listening. We promised a willingness to listen to the townspeople, the boards, and common sense. The flow of information flow between citizens and government should not be one directional, flowing from Government to residents.

• Started the eNewsletter. Rob Greenstein has prepared every single eNewsletter. Click graphic to see every eNewsletter.

• Supervisor’s Report keeps residents updated on the Town Board activities and status of various land use applications – click graphic board/committee members and entire board/committees.

• Simplified email addresses to both communicate with town staff ( instead of
• Simplified reporting problems to town hall
• Increased presence on social media
• Increased Facebook followers by 500%
• Revamped web site

• Adopted a mobile application – MyNewCastle 311 – that enables residents to obtain pertinent information about the town directly from their smartphones.  Click graphic to download the mobile app.

• New Castle now has a new web site designed to provide an extensive amount of useful information to residents, businesses and visitors.

We have moved New Castle forward, embracing 21st century standards of communication.