Ethics Reform

The updating of our Town Ethics Code was one of our  earliest accomplishments in 2014.  Unfortunately, this long overdue change came a little too late.

For decades, prior administrations had allowed our Ethics Code to languish and gather dust while other municipalities updated their codes to keep pace with the times.  It was our outdated Ethics Board that cleared Town Supervisor Susan Carpenter of any ethics violations over her votes on the Conifer affordable housing project.  Conifer’s lawyer, Alfred DelBello, was a major political player and former member of the Board of Westchester Land Trust where Susan Carpenter worked.  When she served on the Town Planning Board, Carpenter recused herself on applications that DelBello handled.  Yet, on the Conifer application, Carpenter declined to recuse herself and became the project’s strongest advocate on the Town Board.  Does that make sense?  You be the judge!  Click below photo to read article:

On April 8, 2014, the Town Board unanimously adopted our revised Ethics Code.  Later that year, we appointed five new, independent members to the Board of Ethics.

More recently, we asked our Board of Ethics to evaluate whether the Town’s Ethics Code could be even further improved.  The Ethics Board recommended a single change, which involves their ability to receive complaints directly from residents without the need for a referral from the Town Board.  We all support this change.

Our opponents have suggested that our Ethics Board is proposing a “complete overhaul”  of our new Ethics Code.  That’s just not accurate.  Click Fact Check to read the Ethics Board’s recommendation:. Candidates who make misleading statements are not candidates you can trust. We challenge our opponents to stick to the facts.

Let’s debate issues, not politics. Most importantly, let’s be honest, especially when it comes to Town policies and our public service.