Exceptional People Committee “EPIC”

In 2015, the Town of New Castle formed the New Castle Exceptional People Committee (“EPIC”). The Committee reports and makes recommendations to the Town Board on the concerns of the Town’s special needs residents.  EPIC disseminates information on the Town’s recreational, educational and social programming for all age groups of residents with special needs. EPIC also works to raise general awareness about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities.  Similar to the Prospector Theater, EPIC will be working to provide educational, employment & theatrical opportunities at Chappaqua Performing Arts Center.

Click here to read article in Inside Chappaqua titled “Exceptional People: A New, New Castle Committee Formed to Address Special Needs”.

• Hosted Roundtable to discuss “Employment Opportunities for those with Special Needs”.   Click graphic to watch Roundtable Discussion.
• Special Tickets to the Mets Autism Awareness Day
• Garden Craft Workshop for People of ALL Abilities
• A Wisp of Air
• Light It Up Blue on April 2nd!
• Handicap Playground Swing
• Safety Meet and Greet
• Get Your Bikes Ready…Join us Sept. 18th!
• Autism Speaks Yankee Tickets
• Worked with New Castle Police Department to raise Autism awareness Autism Speaks decals on police vehicles
• Worked with New Castle Police Department on “I Want You To Know” form to help officers communicate in an emergency. Click here for form.

Click here to read more about their initiatives.,