New Castle Democratic Party Co-Chairman Jerry Curran stated “this administration tries to govern by Facebook.”

None of us will forget the utter lack of communication from prior administrations during Sandy.   Many relied on Facebook for information from their neighbors since they were getting none from their government.  The popular Facebook group Chappaqua Moms was the savior for many, filling a glaring gap of communication from their government.

After taking office four years ago, we started the eNewsletter, now a communication staple for the community.  The eNewsletter includes bi-weekly  Supervisor Reports and Town Administrator Reports.  We doubled Nixle subscribers, doubled CodeRED subscribers and quintupled Facebook .  followers on the Town’s Facebook page.

We believe in using social media and technology to be more responsive to residents.  Facebook is widely used my many in the community.  While it’s not the only way to reach residents, it’s an effective way that should not be ignored.  We use Facebook to  provide updates, publicize social and cultural events and respond to questions and concerns.  Facebook helps us be responsive to the needs of our constituents.

We will continue to use all tools to attract and involve citizen participation in everyday governance.  We are on the streets, in the parks, walking the neighborhoods. New Castle residents know that whether it’s in person, by email, or social media, we listen and respond. All mediums of communication are important.  We know our community.  We communicate on local issues.