Fact Checks

Elections should not be about political survival at any cost.  Our opponents whole campaign strategy seems to be misleading residents by saying ‘We’re the Democrats, they’re the Republicans, vote for us”. Misleading residents is a sign that our opponents have nothing to run on.  The public deserves to have factual information in order to make informed decides about candidates. The public deserves candidates who focus on issues and their record. The public deserves candidates who refrain from dishonest and defamatory attacks and refrain from distorting facts.

Click below headings for some Fact Checks – 21 and counting – 6 Pinocchio Awards!

1st Pinocchio Award – Four Years of “Republican Stagnation”? Huh? Team New Castle has delivered the most responsive, transparent and productive local government in over 25 years. None of us are Republicans. Read more.

2nd Pinocchio Award –  We Didn’t Bid Out Our Downtown Project.  As required under NYS law, the Town solicited bids for our downtown infrastructure and revitalization project.  We received five qualified bids.  ELQ Industries, Inc, the lowest responsible bidder, was awarded the contract.  Read More

3rd Pinocchio Award –  “Multi-million Dollar Costs Overruns”.  Our downtown infrastructure and revitalization project remains on time and on budget. There are zero cost overruns.  Read More

4th Pinocchio Award – We Didn’t Apply for Grants The Town applied for three grants for our Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization project and submitted an application to the Environmental Facilities Corporation to position ourselves for next year’s funding cycle.  Read More

5th Pinocchio Award – We “Championed” the Hunts Place Project? Huh?  This irresponsible affordable housing project was championed – from day 1 – by two prior administrations composed entirely of members of the New Castle Democratic Committee.  Read More

6th Pinocchio Award – We are to blame for Sunshine Children’s Home & Upper Westchester Muslim Society.  Neither the Sunshine Children’s Home nor the Upper Westchester Muslim Society were ever before the Town Board.  Contrary to what our opponents have told residents, the Town Board had no jurisdiction over those projects and no authority to choose the “lead agency”, which is responsible for conducting an environmental review.  Read More

Chappaqua Performing Arts Center is Not a Fruitless Endeavor.   This incredible venue has already hosted numerous community special events and performances and stimulated patronage of local businesses.  We saved it once. Our support is unequivocal!  Read More

Misleading Residents About Party Affiliation – Our opponents are lying to you about party affiliation. The truth: Team New Castle members are Lifelong Democrats (Greenstein and Katz) and Unaffiliated (Brodsky), all sworn in by Hillary Clinton Read more

Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – This project will not result in $11.6 million more in taxes. 22% of the total project costs will be used for streetscape improvements, not half.  Read more

Chappaqua Downtown Revitalization – More Misleading Statements – We never told residents that the project would only cost $11.6M. We did not forget to plan for the construction manager. We did apply for grants. We are not behind schedule. We have not incurred any additional costs.  Read more

Emergency Operations Plan – Our opponents mislead residents by alleging that our town’s emergency operations plan has not been updated since 2013.  They also state that our only designated shelter is at Seven Bridges Middle School.  Not correct on both counts.  Read more.

Chappaqua Crossing – Our opponents want a new approach to planning for Chappaqua Crossing – a little late, no?  Read more

Water Infrastructure Repairs – Our opponents want to talk dirt. They are blaming us for protecting the integrity of the Metro North railroad tracks.  Read More

Workers Compensation Savings –  We saved $1,000,000 in our premiums not because of our claim history, despite it!  Read more.

Ethics Reform – Upon taking office, Team New Castle immediately adopted long overdue ethics reforms to ensure that Town officials are required to maintain an undivided loyalty to residents. Read more

The “Transgender Bathroom Bill” – Team New Castle has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.  Read more

We helped Republicans Maintain the Senate Majority? Huh? – Team New Castle is committed to good government.  We believe our residents deserve to know what  their state legislators – regardless of party affiliation – are doing on their behalf. Read more

A Diversion About Diversion – We did not miss a deadline in 2016 to apply for a grant.  Read more

Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center – Expansion – The Town Board had no jurisdiction over Sunshine’s application. Read more

Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center – Municipal Water  – Everyone involved was well aware that the Village of Ossining agreed that it would supply water to the Sunshine Children’s Home, along with other New Castle residents on Spring Valley Road.  Read more

Candidates who make misleading statements are not candidates you can trust.  We challenge our opponents to stick to the facts.  Let’s be honest when it comes to facts.