Fiscal Analysis by Gregg Bresner – July 2017

Updated Fiscal Analysis – July 2017 – by Gregg Bresner, New Castle Resident from 2001 to Present

Four years ago I supported Team New Castle for election to the Town Board. I did so in large part due to a strong belief that we needed a change. We needed to address the Town of New Castle’s lagging fiscal performance and unsustainable large percentage increases in the property tax burden to residents. At that time, our county and school board leaders had more proactively addressed our challenging fiscal condition than our town board leadership.

Even with the much improved fiscal performance at the county, school and town level under Team New Castle’s leadership, our property taxes still remain among the highest in the country. We must remain vigilant at all levels of local government, particularly against NYS mandates. It’s a problem that cannot be ignored.  Many residents have asked me to update my analysis on Team New Castle’s fiscal performance since their election.

I have attached the updated summary financial analysis in the slides below. The data is all publicly available through the Fiscal Transparency Portal, which is a terrific transparency addition made by Team New Castle.  Click image to check it out.

My focus is not on politics but on taxpayers and the unique challenges facing our town. One of the many virtues of mathematics is the clear diagnostic ability to cut through misinformation and emotion.
As you will see in the slides below, Team New Castle has significantly improved the fiscal performance of our town:
• The numbers speak for themselves
• Prior to Team New Castle, the previous New Castle Democratic Party-controlled town boards consistently adopted budgets with higher spending and property tax growth rates that were substantially above our Chappaqua School District, Westchester County and the overall rate of inflation.