Four Years of Republican Stagnation, Huh?

When our opponents announced their candidacy, it was proclaimed that the Town has experienced “four years of Republican stagnation”. That’s not accurate, at all. In fact, that statement could not be further from the truth.

The last Republican elected to the Town Board was Mark Tulis in 1991. Republican have not held a majority on the Town Board since 1982. Click graphic for prior Town Board members since 1980.

Supervisor Rob Greenstein is a Democrat. Lisa Katz is a Democrat. Adam Brodsky is not affiliated. In 2014, we were sworn in by Hillary Clinton. We believe that partisan politics does not make our Town government more productive or transparent. Quite the opposite – prior Town administrations installed by the New Castle Democratic Committee failed miserably on both counts. That’s why we ran for office. Finally, residents have a real choice.

“Stagnation?” Many residents feel we’ve done more in 4 years than in the past 25 years. There is new energy and vision in New Castle.  We are working hard for the community.  

• Resolved Chappaqua Crossing, the most controversial land use application in our town’s history

• Planned & Started massive Infrastructure & Streetscape project

• Saved the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center from demolition & turned it into a new regional destination for music and arts performances and a fabulous amenity for our community

•Started eNewsletter – a new communication staple in the community


• Started Distracted Driving initiative – currently being duplicated in other communities throughout country

• Safety Improvements at our railroad crossing.

  • Adopted Award Winning Comprehensive Plan (last time 1989)
  • Revised Ethics Code (last time 1970)
  • Negotiated new garbage contract – over $3,000,000 savings over the course of the 7 year contract.
  • Workers Compensation premiums – saved close to $1,000,000 over the past 4 years!
  • Adopted numerous sustainability initiatives including Reusable Bag Initiative, Single Stream Recycling. Energize NY Finance, Solarize Westchester & Westchester Power
  • Created numerous new citizen advisory committees to boost community involvement, including –
    • Mandate Relief Committee
    • Streetscape Committee
    • New Castle Arts & Culture Committee
    • Exceptional People of New Castle
    • Task Force on Health and Wellness
    • Community Inclusion & Diversity Committee
    • Community Preparedness Committee
    • Mandate Relief Committee
    • New Castle Youth Civics Action Committee
    • Downtown Business Development Committee
    • Coyote Management Task Force
    • Coyote Awareness and Safety Advisory Committee

• Recruited DeCicco’s to Millwood

• Adopted new administrative policies for land use escrows, non-union employee payouts, vehicle use, anti-harassment and discrimination, and equal employment opportunity.
• Revamped town’s new web site.

In fact, the only thing that’s stagnated has been our property taxes. For three straight years, we adopted budgets with essentially no tax increase ($9 increase in 2015, $20 increase in 2016, and $28 increase in 2017).

We’re proud of our record. Does this sound like “stagnation” to you?  To us, it sounds like our opponents have nothing to run on.  Click below to read more about our record.

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