We believe we have a responsibility to work with all elected officials – regardless of party affiliation – to secure necessary funding for New Castle. We believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to do just that. We will always act in the best interests of all residents of New Castle.  With this approach , we have successfully secured funding for New Castle residents.

• $500,000 – Senator Terrence Murphy helped New Castle revive and reallocate a $500,000 grant for Millwood sidewalks and decorative lighting improvements along Station Road

• $5.2 million grant – Senator Terrence Murphy helped New York secure to improve grade crossing signals and conditions between highway and rail traffic, and to install closed-circuit TV cameras to record incidents at the crossings. These safety improvements were recently installed at our on-grade crossing on Roaring Brook Road.

• $200,000 – Senator Terrence Murphy secured grants for a lighted basketball court and inclusive playground at Town Hall.

• $125,000 – Assemblyman David Buchwald secured a grant for an inclusive playground at Town Hall.

• $30,000 – The Greenway Conservancy for the Hudson River Valley, Inc. for planning and design of an open space/bike lane/commerce connectivity corridor in the Ossining and New Castle community.

• $100,000 grant – New York State as a Clean Energy Community to fund additional clean energy projects

• $625,000 – New Castle United for Youth, a subgroup of Coalition for Youth (“CFY”), will receive $125,000 in Drug Free Communities Support Program (DFC) grant annually for five years. This new funding will us allow the coalition to work with parents, agencies, schools, businesses, faith groups, civic groups to increase awareness, advocate for our youth, provide resources to support alcohol and drug free youth, help place more young people on the path toward success and enable them to live healthier and safer lives.

• Senator Terrence Murphy increased CHIPS funding for New Castle

• Senator Terrence Murphy is working to increase funding for New Castle’s Sewage Diversion Project

• Senator Terrence Murphy supports $5,000,000,000 Clean Water Bond Act of 2017

• Senator Terrence Murphy sponsored the Mandate Relief Bill which prevents local governments and taxpayers from being burdened by unfunded mandates.

• County Executive Rob Astorino signed legislation to enter into an Inter-Municipal Agreement with New Castle and New York City Department of Environmental Protection to distribute $16,000,000 in East of Hudson funds for sewer diversion.

• County Executive Rob Astorino pushed Westchester County to allow us to bifurcate our diversion project – without negatively impacting Mt Kisco – resulting in a $4,500,000 savings!

• County Executive Rob Astorino is providing funding for our replica train station in Millwood.

We have will continue our efforts to secure federal funding for the construction of a railway and roadway bridge, to obtain the needed funding needed for the sewage diversion project, clean water grants, and to pursue mandate relief.  When it comes to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities, we firmly believe that our residents – not political agendas – must come first.