Hired Gun

A strategist for the Philadelphia mayor’s race? What does he have to do with our town? We really don’t know, other than it’s evident that our opponents desperately want to regain their monopoly. This was never more apparent than in the last election when, in an unprecedented move, they hired Barry Caro, an outside political attack dog. They paid Mr. Caro $26,000!

It’s no secret that outside political guns make campaigns nastier. They use ugly political tactics. In fact, Caro prides himself on his awards for his aggressive communications campaigns. He lived up to his reputation.

Our opponents resorted to nasty, outrageous mailings. Their mailings were intentionally misleading. Rob is a Democrat but their mailing says “Republican Rob Greenstein – Another Politician You Can’t Trust”. Their mailings didn’t even identify their candidates. Lawn signs popped up saying “You Can’t Trust Rob”. It’s far easier to sling mud by an outsider who is not part of the community. Caro isn’t a member of our community and certainly doesn’t reflect our values. Once the election is over the consultants go on to the next client and our town is left to deal with the damaging effects this kind of campaign leaves behind.

Candidates that condone his type of behavior rather than present a plan for the future are not candidates we can believe in. Elections should not be about political survival at any cost. Misleading residents is a sign that our opponents have nothing to run on.

We believe in taking the high road. We believe that our results speak for themselves. Our community has a new, positive energy, and residents have never been more connected to Town government. Politics is defined as the way we govern; it isn’t personal nor is it war. We have a proven track record of accomplishments! We are getting things done!