Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity is not a partisan issue. It’s an American issue. We believe in highlighting the beauty and benefits of appreciating different backgrounds, interests and sexual orientations.   We encourage respect and tolerance for those individual differences that enrich our community.

• Started New Castle For Inclusion & Diversity Committee – work to effectively create community awareness about differences in others as related to race, religion, cultural differences, sexual preferences and gender identity.  The Committee will work to develop and implement programs designed to create a spirit of diversity and inclusion of all that live and work in the Town of New Castle as part of “one” unified community.
• New Castle Statement in Support of Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness
• All Are Welcome banners in Town Hall & throughout town
• “Build Trust – Reduce Crime” – posters around town – all people – regardless of their immigration status—she feel comfortable talking to our officers.
• Helped organize “We Are All Immigrants” vigil in support of our Muslim neighbors  
• Working on anti-discrimination statute
• Encouraged gender neutral bathroom in Town Hall to better accommodate transgender individuals.
• In response to hate-filled graffiti found in a student bathroom in one of our middle schools, reached out to the Chappaqua Central School District, Chappaqua Interfaith Council and the Coalition for Youth, and called for a joint meeting.  That joint meeting led to the formation of a roundtable discussion.  Click graphic to watch “Diversity and Inclusion in America Today: A Conversation”.
• Introduced  “Welcome to the Neighborhood!” a new welcome pack to introduce prospective home buyers to our rich history, bucolic setting, scenic parks, community groups, volunteer opportunities, countless recreational activities and community events.
• Introduced a welcome email Provides important contact info and necessary information for new residents such as information re: school registration, parking permits, garbage, alarm registration, dog licenses, etc.
• Sent a letter to Senator Terrence Murphy & Assemblyman Dov Hikind dated disagreeing with his legislation on immigration.  Click here.