We are once again proud to endorsed by the Independence Party. We are a bi-partisan ticket. Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz are registered Democrats. Adam Brodsky is unaffiliated.

We’re all tired of seeing political gridlock in Washington DC. We’re tired of political gamesmanship and pettiness. The fever of partisanship and polarization has widened dramatically among elected officials creating a toxic environment. Is this what we want for New Castle?

Our ticket was formed four years ago without political orientation. We ushered in a new era in local Town government. We vowed to put the interests of New Castle residents and local matters above any political party or agenda. We have kept our word and the results are undeniable. Under our leadership, Town government has become more communicative and responsive than ever before.

We are the candidates who represent people before political parties or special interests. We are the candidates motivated by public service rather than self-interest.  We put partisan politics aside and work with whoever is in office in the best interests of New Castle.  We put the interests of our residents and community above any political consideration or agenda.