Independent Democrats Who Deliver!

Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz are registered Democrats. Adam Brodsky is unaffiliated.

Our opponents have been misrepresenting our party affiliation for four years. They are more focused on labeling than engaging in a meaningful discussion about plans for our Town’s future.

We are Democrats who are endorsed by the Independence and New Castle Republican Party. We believe that partisan politics has no place in a small town election. We will always put community over party!

Lisa, Adam and I were elected four years ago. Residents always deserve a choice and we — two Democrats and one Independent — are running on the Independent and Republican lines on the ballot to provide you that choice. We are proud to be your Independent Democrats!

Do you think the Town is more communicative and responsive than ever before? Do you like the improvements we’ve made? If so, we ask for your support on Election Day. There’s a lot more we’d like to accomplish with your help.

Click here to see Rob Greenstein voter ID card

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