We Started the eNewsletter – Why Kill it?!?!

Prior Town Boards and administrations made little effort to keep residents informed. Who can forget Sandy? Residents were kept in the dark – literally and figuratively.  Team New Castle started the eNewsletter.  It’s now a communication staple for our community!

Rob Greenstein has prepared every single eNewsletter.  The eNewsletter is emailed to residents every week.  Click above photo to see every single eNewsletter.

Rob Greenstein’s Supervisor Report keeps residents updated on the Town Board activities and status of various land use applications. Click graphic to see every Supervisor’s Report.

Our Town Administrator reports keeps residents updated on the important town updates.Click graphic to see every Administrator Report.

Residents have never been more informed or involved in our community. The eNewsletter tells residents what’s happening around Town and in Town Hall. We made it easy for residents to stay connected because we believe that good communication is essential for Town government. The eNewsletter helps bring us together, and makes us a stronger community.

In the last election, our opponents threatened to Kill the eNewsletter. Don’t let our opponents kill the eNewsletter! We believe in keeping residents informed and staying connected.

Communication shouldn’t just be something that happens during a campaign. Knowledge is power, and we have empowered you!  Residents have never been more informed.