Labels are Dangerous

Left and Right have one meaning in Washington, DC, and there seems to be no middle ground. Political gridlock in Washington DC, has created a toxic environment on the national political scene. Pettiness and dysfunction is the norm.

Let’s talk about what left and right mean to us in our town. Our streets go left and right. Just as our streets go north and south, east and west. Here’s what our slate wants: no matter which direction the streets go, they must be paved and safe. Our slate is concerned that whichever way the wind blows, our town workers are there to perform repairs. Our slate is concerned that rhetoric and political grandstanding shouldn’t get in the way of our children’s safety.

National issues certainly are important. We all have our views and are not shy about expressing them. Labels are dangerous. Misleading labels are even more dangerous especially when they are tossed around just to achieve negative partisanship at the local level. It’s this partisanship that causes gridlock. It divides us. Misleading residents is a sign that our opponents have nothing to run on. When politics is the order of the day and partisanship takes precedence, we suffer as a community. Nothing gets done.

We are all members of the same community with an undeniable basic common interest in civility and genuine harmony. We are one community. We must be more tolerant. We must respect each other.

We believe our first responsibility is acting in the best interests of New Castle, all residents. We believe in coming together across lines that might divide us and work together for the public good and our community. We believe in coming together around a group of common/shared values. We believe in working together.