No Labels

As much as our opponents would like residents to believe this election is about Republicans versus Democrats, make no mistake: it isn’t.

Anyone who truly knows New Castle understands that we are a deep blue, Democrat majority town. The plain truth is that Team New Castle is comprised of two Democrats (Greenstein and Katz) and one Independent (Brodsky).

At its core, this race is about the same fundamental issue that prompted us to launch Team New Castle four years ago: Who do elected local officials serve – The residents of New Castle or the State and national agendas of political parties? We believe local elected leaders serve the residents of New Castle, refusing to permit the best interests of our town to be subordinated to party politics. In contrast, our opponents seek to restore the stranglehold of an agenda driven by party interests unrelated New Castle residents, a dynamic that has led to the biggest challenges facing our town.

So this election isn’t about party labels. It’s about who we as local officials serve. The New Castle Republican Committee has warmly welcomed Democrats interested in good government for New Castle to run on its line, and we proudly embrace their commitment to candidates like us who — regardless of their party affiliation label — put New Castle
residents first.

That is what we proudly call No Labels.  Not Left.  Not Right.  Forward.  It’s the essence of good government. The residents of New Castle deserve nothing less.