Be Like Mike

In 2015, the Democrats had the majority in the Westchester Boad of Legislators. That same year, Mike Kaplowitz, our elected representative in the Westchester County Board of Legislators, chose to form a bipartisan coalition with seven Republican, and another Democrat. As a result of this coalition, the Democrats no longer controlled that board. The coalition, with a majority of Republicans, had control. This bipartisan coalition has led to the many productive legislative terms creating an atmosphere of bipartisan cooperation and compromise. Mike is a member of the New Castle Democratic Committee, and, understandably, widely praised by them. Click above photo of Chairman Kaplowitz (Democrat) & Vice-Chair James Maisano (Republican) working together.

In an interview recently, Mike said “This legislature is a bi-partisan legislature and I would hope that other governmental bodies would look to us as a model and how to bring people of different political persuasions together. And yes, we all get pressure from the extremes in our respective parties to be more strident and not work together, but we have resisted and I believe the end result is a legislature that has worked well for the people of Westchester County. Click photo to read interview.

We agree. When elected officials fail to achieve compromise it leads to gridlock and stalemate. Everybody loses when government paralyzes. Finding compromise takes leadership and courage. We applaud Mike.

Like Mike, we work with all elected officials regardless of party affiliation. While we might disagree with county, state and federal officials at times, we believe that to be effective advocates for all residents of New Castle, we must work with all elected officials. When it comes to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities as local elected officials, we firmly believe that our residents – not political labels  – must come first.    We believe in working with all politicians – regardless of political affiliation – for the benefit of the community.   The best interests of New Castle must always come first!