Local Government Should Focus on Local Issues

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Local matters take a backseat when one political party holds a monopoly on Town government and only focuses on State and Federal agendas! The sad truth is that when local government is only a stepping stone for ulterior agendas we are left with unresponsive leadership, irresponsible housing developments like Hunts Place and costly lawsuits. The focus on Albany and Washington leave attention to improving services, amenities, keeping residents informed, getting residents involved and being responsive.

When small town politics is replaced with a divisive national agenda the community loses. For years, our infrastructure suffered while our opponents have been preoccupied with larger, national issues. Where were they when the community was debating the biggest local issues facing our community: Chappaqua Crossing and Conifer? Where were they when our comp plan started 5 years ago? Did they even attend any public outreach meetings?

Our slate is concerned with New Castle. The opposition consists of party insiders who care about their own popularity beyond our borders. The voters have turned them away and put the Town on the right road. Do we want to go back to the neglect that comes from partisan politics? Is that the model we want for New Castle? This election is not about turning back time when local issues were ignored. Residents have long figured out that party machine politics have no place in local government.

The local issues facing our town are neither Republican nor Democrat. We believe the interests of New Castle residents and the unique challenges facing our town must be our first, second and third priorities. Local Government must focus on local issues.

We have focused on the local issues that were ignored so long. That’s what we were elected to do!