Loss of a Supermarket – Compare & Contrast

When we ran four years ago, we stated that “We believe in being Proactive, Not Reactive”. Let’s review how a prior administration handled the loss of a supermarket, and how we handled it.

Back in the summer of 2011, word began spreading that D’Agostinos was leaving. A concerned resident started an internet petition warning that we already have too many big box pharmacies. On August 9, 2011, another concerned resident, namely Rob Greenstein, attended a Town Board meeting (as he routinely did) and asked if the Town Board had even reached out to the landlord and lobbied on behalf of residents to retain a grocery store at that location.  Two days later, the Town Board sent a letter to D’Agostinos indicating “Please let us know what the Town Board can do to help the landlord and D’Agostino so that the location is used for a supermarket”.  Too late!   Walgreens had already signed a lease.  Chappaqua will not have a supermarket.  Click graphic to read news coverage.

At the end of 2015, A&P declared bankruptcy and closed their store in Millwood. Over the next six months, Adam Brodsky & Rob Greenstein not only kept residents informed of the bankruptcy proceedings but was in constant contact with the landlord, and several other tenants in the shopping center. Adam & Rob emphasized the importance of maintaining a supermarket in that shopping center.  They didn’t want to lose our last supermarket in New Castle.  They offered to help recruit a supermarket. They proactively reached out to potential supermarket operators. They helped recruit DeCicco & Sons!  Click below graphic to read news coverage.

DeCicco & Sons opened their doors on December 30, 2016! It’s been a tremendous success! Enough said!