Millwood Matters

For years, Millwood was only given a second thought by Town government. We believe New Castle is a sum of its parts. We believe no area of our Town matters more than another. Before becoming Supervisor, Rob Greenstein started the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce. Rob introduced Movies in Millwood. Our commitment to Millwood is unprecedented. We have a record to prove it.

• Helped recruit DeCicco & Sons to Millwood – click photo to read coverage

• Secured $500K grant for Millwood sidewalks

• Commissioned Pace to do economic analysis for Millwood

• Undertook Millwood Sanitary Sewer District Feasibility Study to analyze the technical and financial feasibility of providing sewers to Millwood

• Adopted Comprehensive Plan which includes positioning Millwood Business District for sewers

• Working on Diversion project with Random Farms, Riverwoods & Yeshiva which would involve laying a sewer pipe in Route 100.  Once that sewer pipe is in the ground, the next step would be to seek approval to connect Millwood Business District, Pheasant Run, Ledgewood Commons and other areas in Millwood to that sewer pipe.

• Increased Beatification Advisory Budget from a mere $500 to $25,000 which resulted in additional hanging flowers, planters & snowflakes throughout Millwood

• Helping to make Millwood InterGenerate Community Garden a reality, and recruited sponsors to do it!

• Implemented $3,000 grant for new plantings in Millwood by the community sign and in front of Millwood Park.

• Met & worked with representatives from NYSDOT to discuss bicycle & pedestrian safety where the North County Trail Way crosses over Route 100. We requested & obtained new signage.  Still working on additional safety improvements. Click photo to read letter to NYS DOT

• Met & worked with NYSDOT officials to discuss landscaping at the DOT yard to ensure proper screening (especially for the metal fuel tanks).

• Planning Millwood 200 Year Anniversary celebration, and recruiting sponsors.

• Working on building a DPW salt shed at water treatment plant in Millwood to reduce driving time for snow plows to replenish salt during a storm.

• Worked on replica of the former Millwood train station.  Click photo to read more.

•  Worked with residents of Gregory Lane when a convicted sexual predator moved to their street (he no longer lives there!)