Millwood Replica Train Station

For years, there has been talk of building a replica of the former Millwood train station.  Our opponents don’t think it should be a priority.    We disagree.  In fact, since 2014, Rob has been working on the issue.

NYS owns the North County Trailway.  NYS leases the trailway to Westchester County.  That lease expires on December 31, 2018.   NYS has plans to turn over ownership to Westchester County.   Despite our constant requests over the years, neither NYS nor Westchester County wanted to approve our replica train station until the acquisition was completed.  As well, Westchester County could not proceed with their planned capital project to rehabilitate and reconstruct major portions of the North County Trailway intil the acquisition was completed. The acquisiton process is very involved.  A land survey, a mapping the legal boundaries, must be done of the entire trail.

Working across party line with elected officials such as Senator Terrence Murphy and Rob Astorino, and representative from NYS DOT, a deal was reached so that Westchester County & NYS would work on the steps necessary to acquire the property.  In the interim, they agreed to renew the lease for another 25 years. By renewing the lease, NYS would allow Westchester County to undertake the needed rehabilitation and we can build our replica train station!

We are now working on full construction drawings which including engineering, drainage and utilities.   BOCES previously offered to build this for us, and they are still interested!  We’re looking to secure funding from Westchester County.

Persistence pays off.   We are making progress!