Misleading Residents about Emergency Preparedness

In a letter to the editor in LoHud on Sept 19, 2017, Ivy Pool wrote ‘”Our town’s emergency operations plan was written in 2013 and has not been updated since”.  She also writes that “the only designated shelter is at Seven Bridges Middle School”.   Click here to read her letter.  She is not correct on both points.  Ivy didn’t take the time to read our updated Emergency/Disaster Operating Procedures before writing her letter.  She didn’t even know it existed.

Updating our Emergency Response Plan was one of our first priorities when taking office. In 2014 & early 2015, we had emergency plan meetings with representatives of all first responders. A final version of the Town of New Castle Emergency Plan was adopted by the Town Board on April 14 2015.  Click here to view it.  As well, Red Cross operates our shelter at Chappaqua Crossing.  We operate warming centers in our Community Center and Town Hall.

Although the discrepancies were pointed out to Ivy after her letter was published, at the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night one month later, Ivy once again fails to acknowledge that we updated our emergency response plan in 2015.  She also incorrectly notes, once again, that Seven Bridges is our emergency shelter. Click here to view it (48:30 mark).

Candidates who make misleading statements are not candidates you can trust. We challenge our opponents to stick to the facts. Let’s be honest when it comes to facts.