Not a Real Democrat, huh?

Over the last few months, Rob & Lisa have been accused of not being “Real Democrats”.   Some have said  “real Democrat” always supports Democratic candidates and their platforms.  Some said “you are who you stand with”… can’t be a real Democrat if you are endorsed by Republicans.

Make no mistake about it, Rob Greenstein & Lisa Katz are real Democrats.  But we also believe in working with all public officials – regardless of political affiliation – for the benefit of our community. We have chosen to put the interests of residents above our party affiliation.  We won’t apologize for that!

Our opponents have also accused us of not supporting Hillary Clinton in the last election. We did support Hillary’s candidacy – with our votes, our hearts, our donations to her campaign, and our outreach on social media and with numerous friends, acquaintances, etc. We did that as lifelong Democrats. We share Hillary’s values and positions on many issues that are important to us. What we didn’t do was endorse Hillary in our capacity as Town officials. Since she was running for President, we didn’t think that was appropriate, nor necessary.

The real irony? Kristen Browde didn’t “support” Hillary Clinton by donating to her campaign. Gail Markels didn’t “support” Hillary Clinton by donating to her campaign.  Rob Greenstein & Lisa Katz did!  Click here to check it out.

Do our opponents still want to keep playing “Who’s the Real Democrat?”  We never did, but now we know the answer.