It is clear that our opponents are trying to impose a hyper-partisan, hostile and divisive tone on our town. They are putting the best interest of their party over the best interest of the community.

Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz are Democrats. Adam Brodsky is not affiliated. But, we are not part of the New Castle Democratic Committee. We are the Democrats who are endorsed by the Independence and New Castle Republican Party. We are the Democrats who ended the New Castle Democratic Committee monopoly – a 25 year monopoly – on Town Government.  We are the Democrats who brought fresh ideas, positive energy and a new approach.

In today’s hyper-partisan political environment, cooperation between Republican and Democrat politicians at the national level has become almost non-existent. Political labels and polarization – that’s the last thing anyone should want to see in New Castle. But that’s exactly what our opponents are trying to inject into this race.

We don’t need Hyper-Partisanship in New Castle. That’s not the change we need, nor want, in New Castle.