Our Opponents are Angry, Very Angry.

No doubt, hard feelings remain after last November’s presidential election. Personal relationships have been negatively affected. Some completely avoid political talk to avoid arguments. But, as a community, we need to move away from partisanship division & vitriol, and come together around a group of common shared values. Residents of goodwill of all stars and stripes seeking to reinforce the concept that at the end of the day, we are all members of the same community.

Of course, we too are tired of seeing political gridlock in Washington DC, where extreme ideological differences have created a toxic environment.  However, the solution is not to transform Town government into a dumping ground into which to deposit frustrations about Washington DC.  Party has never been a bigger issue in New Castle until our opponents made it so because of the results of our national election.  That is not what we need for New Castle.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our opponents are offering. While Congressman Steve Scalise was in a hospital bed fighting for his life on Father’s Day, Kristen Browde asked him to rethink his views on social issues. This is a perfect example of what we DON’T need in local Town government – divisive leaders who are obsessed with politics and their own ideological agendas.

We believe a functional and effective local government requires collaboration and cooperation with all members of the community, regardless of party affiliation. We believe in apolitical governance, in consensus building and in working across party lines for the benefit of all residents. We believe in reaffirming our community’s commitment to civility, respect and tolerance in our public discourse.  We believe in Kind-Partisan, instead of Hyper-Partisan Anger.

Let’s make this election about issues, experience and results — not political aspirations and divisiveness. That’s the last thing we need right now.