Outside Money Brings Outside Agendas

Our opponents actively solicit large campaign contributions from real estate developers and other outsiders. The problem is that outside money brings an outside agenda. Local matters stop receiving the attention they deserve.

It’s an outside agenda that brought us an affordable housing project on Hunts Place. In fact, in the last election, our opponents’ biggest campaign contributor was an affordable housing developer from Dutchess County. The New Castle Democratic Committee needed the money – they paid a professional political consultant $25,000 to run their campaign!

This year, our opponents are once again turning to outside contributors.

On June 28, a fundraiser was held for Kristen at the famous Stonewall Inn in NYC.
The theme for the fundraiser was “Let’s Send a Big Message from a Small Town”.

We think it’s wonderful that Kristen is the first transgender woman to run for a public office in New York State. But sending a “big message” is not how we will balance the budget, revitalize our business hamlets or ensure that residents continue to receive the services they count on. We are laser-focused on local matters, and we have delivered results that are real. Our community must always come first — not political activism or the interests of wealthy campaign contributors.

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