We Were the Outsiders

The custom practice among local political parties is that those interested in running must put in their dues. Join the local party. Attend meetings. Help other candidates before they are anointed. by the political machine.

Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz are Democrats. Adam Brodsky is not affiliated. But, they are not part of the New Castle Democratic Committee. They were not anointed.

You see, Rob, Adam & Lisa took a different path. They never wanted to get involved in town politics. Political parties are for politicians. Rob, Lisa and Adam are not politicians. Rob, Lisa & Adam’s path was much different. They were motivated by a concern for our community. They put in their dues by helping the community, not attending New Castle Democratic Committee meetings. They put in their dues by attending Town Board meetings, for years, before running for Town Board. They were motivated by frustration. Frustrated by the status quo. They were frustrated by the New Castle Democrat monopoly, a monopoly built upon the false assumption that party affiliation would render residents incapable of recognizing the increasing failure of local elected officials to serve Town interests. Little time/effort put into improving services, amenities, keeping residents informed, getting residents involved and being responsive. They were frustrated by year after year we faced increasing taxes, opaque government administration, lack of vision and failure to communicate. They were frustrated by unresponsive leadership, irresponsible housing developments and costly lawsuits.

Rob, Adam & Lisa got involved, and they ended the New Castle Democratic Committee monopoly – a 25 year monopoly! They got involved because they believe local government is about people, principles and ideas – not parties. They believe that labels should not matter. They believe in bipartisan leadership. They were the outsiders. They broke the status quo. They brought fresh ideas, positive energy and a new approach. They brought communication. They brought energy & vision. They are proactive. They are responsive. They listen. They are saving money and increasing services. The Town is now being run in a more responsive, responsible and respectful fashion, all while still cleaning up the mess that was made under the arrogance of “do nothing” club politics. In short, a new standard for Town government has been set.

This is what change looks like, by outsiders.