Partnering with New Castle Police

Over the last four years, we’ve partnered with the New Castle Police on a number of public safety initiatives which have made a positive difference in our community.  We support our police officers, and our officers know we appreciate their public service and professionalism.

We are proud to receive the endorsement of the Police Conference of New York, which represents the interests of 200 police associations with over 25,000 members, as well as the endorsement of the Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester County, which represents over 50 Westchester County police and other law enforcement benevolent associations with over 10,000 members.  We are also proud to receive the endorsement of the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association. These endorsement are based on our record, not party affiliation.

• Worked together to develop New Castle’s nationally-recognized “Hands off the Phone and On the Wheel” Initiative.
• Developed the Distracted Driver Diversion Course
• Created video to raise community awareness and educate residents on the dangers of distracted driving.  Click above graphic to watch video:
• Created video to train police officers on techniques to enforce texting-while-driving laws and investigating mobile devices as a possible contributing factor at crash scenes.
• Supported Evan’s Law – legislation to permit law enforcement to inspect cell phones at car accident sites.
• Railroad crossing safety – Collaborated with the police to increase the enforcement of of railroad crossing laws.
• Increased truck enforcement under New York State Transportation Law.
• Radar Speed Sign Program – Radar speed signs on local residential streets
• Share the Road – Initiated a Biker/Driver education campaign .
• “Do Not Knock” initiative – Prohibit commercial solicitors and peddlers from coming to your door.  Sign decals available at Town Hall.
• “I Want You To Know” – Worked with the Town’s Exceptional People of New Castle Committee to help officers effectively  communicate will all residents in an emergency.
• Autism Speaks decals on police vehicles
• “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” lawn signs & metal street signs.
• Be Seen – Free pedestrian safety reflectors.
• Vigil to mourn the death of five Dallas police officers killed in the line of duty .
• Honored the police officers who apprehended the shooter at Lange’s Little Store & Delicatessen.
• Build Trust – Less Crime – Bilingual message.  New Castle Police Department wants all people – regardless of their immigration status—to feel comfortable talking to its officers. They will not ask about someone’s immigration status.

Over the last four years we have partnered with the New Castle Police to keep our community safe. We look forward to making New Castle the safest and most secure‎ environment in which to live, work and raise a family.