Paving, Paving, Paving

By saving $3,300,000 over 7 years for our refuse contract, saving $1,000,000 over 4 years for our workers compensation renewals and saving $40,000 on our liability insurance renewal, we were able to spend almost $3,000,0000 in paving in our 3 budgets – an average of $942,311 per year.  Click chart to see roads paved from 2014 – 2017.

2015: $1,014,455 – a  250% increase – more than in the three prior years combined!
2016: $897,026
2017: $822,452

•  We are working on a 10 year plan to pave most roads in New Castle.

•  Worked with NYS DOT to pave roads such as 120, 117, 128, 100, 133 & 134
•  We have improved relations with Westchester County DOT which help with roads such as Pines Bridge Road, Seven Bridges Road, North State Road, South Greeley & Washington Avenue
•  Residents can report potholes using our new mobile app – MyNewCaste 311
•  Residents can report potholes using our new email address –

In 2016 the Town began a multi-year project to upgrade the Town’s commuter parking lot. Improvements include total repaving of the parking lot, new lighting, improved signage, and the addition of security cameras. The project is projected to be completed in late summer 2018 or 2019.

We are focused on local matters.  We are focused on quality of life issues that improve the daily lives of our residents. We are committed to improving our infrastructure.   We have the record to prove it.