Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety must be a top priority.  We are committed to keeping our residents, and our children, safe in downtown Chappaqua.

Our Chappaqua streetscape project will include new, wider, ADA compliant sidewalks and crosswalks that will make it safer for residents to walk around our downtown.   A traffic signal planned for the corner of Greeley & King – with a 4-way crosswalk – will enhance pedestrian safety.  This will help rejuvenate our downtown business hamlet.

In an effort to save money, we coordinated our efforts to replace the Route 120 sidewalk from Grafflin School to Ridgewood Terrace with Con Ed as they were replacing their gas mains.  This coordination will continue in the Spring/Summer of 2018 when the last segment of the Route 120 sidewalk replacement project will take place.

As far as Millwood, we received $500,000 grant, thanks to Senator Terrence Murphy, to install ADA compliant sidewalks and curbing along the intersection of Route 100 and Station Road. In addition, decorative lighting improvements along Station Road will also be included in the project.

As part of our Award Winning Comprehensive Plan, we have included smart growth principles in the development of hamlet design guidelines to create an active pedestrian environment.  We have also included action plans to develop a comprehensive sidewalk plan, which includes identification of priority areas for new sidewalk construction and rehabilitation of existing sidewalks.  Focus will be placed on commercial areas and outlying neighborhoods.  We will also examine the feasibility of sidewalks within and between neighborhoods that do not border commercial areas, as well as sidewalks on all major routes including Rt. 117, 100, 120, 133, 128.  This must be a priority, and it will be!  We will also examine opportunities to enhance bike, pedestrian and alternative transport between Chappaqua, Millwood and Chappaqua Crossing.

We understand that this is a quality of life issues for our residents. We understand this is important for the vibrancy of our downtown business hamlets.   We are in the best position to bring these projects to completion.