Pet Safety

We believe New Castle must not only provide a safe environment for adults and children, but also our pets. We are committed to making sure our pets are safe.

• Investigating the idea of adding a dog park in Gedney
• Adopted a responsible coyote policy for residents – click here.
• Be SMART graphic 
• Coyote Incident Classification & Recommended Responses Chart – click here
• Suggested Annual Homeowner’s Yard Audit to Discourage Coyotes – click here
• Free Coyote whistles in Town Hall and Police Department.
• “If You Love Me, License Me” Your dogs license shows the community that your pet is a loved member of your family. It is also proof that your pooch has been vaccinated against rabies.
• It’s Too Hot – The Town of New Castle started an educational campaign to increase awareness about never leaving your pets in a parked car.
• Adopted Reusable Bag Initiative – Birds, fish, turtles and other wildlife are injured or killed when they confuse plastic bags with food