New Castle is Our Base

We are an independent, nonpartisan ticket. Rob Greenstein and Lisa Katz are registered Democrats. Adam Brodsky is unaffiliated. Four years ago, we ushered in a new era of local governance. Local governance based on independence. Under our leadership, Town government has become more communicative and responsive than ever before. The Town is saving money and increasing services. We are tireless, responsive, accessible and proactive. We brought an unprecedented level of transparency, communication and community engagement.

Political Independence means putting the interests of residents and community above political aspirations and personal agendas. It means putting ideas and local needs over party loyalty. It means working for the residents, and not a political party. It means getting things done without worrying about political alliances and ideologies. Political Independence means putting the interests of residents and community above your base.

Our opponents readily admit that their campaign exists because of Indivisible  Westchester.  They boast that their campaign’s birthday is the same date as the kick-off meeting of Indivisible Westchester (January 29, 2017).  Indivisible Westchester is a  movement formed to defeat Trump’s agenda and to promote a progressive National agenda. It’s no surprise then that our opponents criticize us for working with Republican elected officials like County Executive Rob Astorino and Senator Terrence Murphy.

Will our opponents refuse to work with Republican elected officials to appease their base, Indivisible Westchester?  We hope not. We believe in working with whoever is in office, even if we don’t agree with them on every issues.

We respect activism.  It’s how we got involved. We were motivated by a concern for our community.  New Castle is our base.