Public Safety Initiatives

Over the past four years we have started many initiatives that are addressing some needs or challenges in the community. All initiatives have a common theme – all intended to keep our community safe.

  • “Hands Off the Phone and On the Wheel” – New Castle has zero tolerance for distracted driving! We have received recognition and awards for our work on this critical safety initiative. Other communities are implementing similar programs.
  • Radar Speed Sign Program: The goal of the Residential Radar Speed Sign Program is to help residents feel safer in their neighborhoods by lowering the speed that vehicles are traveling. The New Castle Police Department deploys radar speed signs on local residential streets.
  • See Tracks? Think Train – We are committed to Railroad Crossing safety. Besides tireless efforts to to eliminate the dangerous train crossings at Roaring Brook Road and build a railway and roadway bridge, launched a “See Train Think Tracks” campaign to help educate local residents about the proper way to cross the tracks.
  • Share the Road – We are committed to Biker/Driver safety. Initiated a Biker/Driver education campaign to make sure that both groups understand how they must share the road.
  • “I Want You To Know” The New Castle Police Department worked with the Town’s Exceptional Persons Committee to create the I Want You To Know form. Having this information quickly available to officers can help with effective communication in an emergency.
  • “It’s Too Hot” We are committed to protecting our pets! The Town of New Castle started an educational campaign to increase awareness about never leaving pets in a parked car. Not even for a minute. Leaving a pet in a hot vehicle will put your pet at risk of serious illness or death.
  • Drive Like Your Kids Live Here – The mission of Drive Like Your Kids Live Here is to provide a safer environment for children. To slow down aggressive and distracted drivers in our neighborhoods.
  • Be Seen – Residents can stop by the New Castle Police Department and pick up a free pedestrian safety reflector. Officers will also be carrying reflectors in police vehicles to provide to pedestrians walking in dark areas.
  • Gedney Sledding Hill – Required helmets for sledding at Gedney Park, shortened and regraded the hill at Gedney Park (away from the woods!) and added fencing to make sledding safer for all.
  • Coyote Response Plan. We took a very balanced, rational, and calm approach when it comes to coyotes and other wildlife concerns. Our plan received regional media attention.

Public safety must always be a priority of elected officials. Safety is a New Castle issue.