Our Residents are our Greatest Resource!

When we ran four years ago, we stated we wanted a New Approach to Collaboration.  We said instead of shutting residents out, we will engage New Castle’s intellectual capital – the brains & experience in our community.   We will draw on our residents’ expertise in a diverse range of subjects such as finance, real estate, and communication.  We believe in Collaboration, Not Alienation.  We have done just that!  Click on graphic to read latest committee news.

We created an unprecedented amount of new committees. Click committees names to learn more.

We encourage the spirit of volunteerism.  Supervisor Rob Greenstein hosted a Roundtable Discussion – Volunteer Opportunities in New Castle.


We honor our volunteers.  We started our Volunteer Appreciation Dinners. 

We realize our residents are our greatest resource, and we want them to be involved.  We are greater together when we come together to work for the benefit of the community.  We are greater together when our residents are engaged and involved.  We believe in the power of community.  Let’s keep it going!